AI Delivers Power on Social Media Marketing

July 12, 2018
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Social media has been the best tool today to be updated with the happenings around us. Simply scrolling on Facebook or Twitter gives you sources to various news and trending talks which are not only limited in your area but worldwide. Other than you connecting with the world, social media platforms are being creatively utilized by brands to reach you.

Have you ever get annoyed by the interruption of quick advertisements playing in the middle of a clip on Facebook or YouTube? What about those ads on your newsfeed or sponsored tweets on your timeline? Wonder why you are now seeing product ads from a popular cosmetic brand when you just browsed for a facial mask hours ago?

Through Artificial Intelligence, the marketers immediately see real-time insights of consumers to keep their strategies relevant to the market. AI tools identify preference on products and services of certain demographics such as specific age group, location, gender, and income. And with AI technologies, marketers speedily analyze structured or unstructured data and give suitable suggestions of consumers across social media platforms.

Hitting the right market also means choosing the right channel, and since AI solutions determine user profile, we can easily place our Digital Strategies to the platform where it fits the most. Every year, social media users increase with Facebook leading the wave. This is an indication that marketing online is undeniably an advancement to raise awareness or promote the brand.

Aside from knowing the taste of our prospects, creating concise content is a requirement of Consumer Targeting. Actually, the most AI technology can do on Social Media Marketing is to gather relevant information and present it with the same context. Take for example the chatbots, a brand’s online personality respond ‘smartly’ to queries or purchasing procedures within the designed parameters. Because chatbots are programmed with responses based on the frequently asked questions about products or services a brand offers, less time is spent on inquiring and purchasing. In addition, it develops a close customer interaction with the brand.

With the help of AI, Marketing companies can now focus more on optimizing and improving strategies, rather than data analysis and recommendations are automated. AI aims to meet the needs of customers instantly by giving personalised recommendations which make customers feel comfortable, and it boosts the productivity and reach of a particular brand through Social Media Marketing.

It’s true enough that one industry must not let itself get left behind with Digital Transformation.

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By Carrie Carbo
Research Analyst, Proventa International