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With our extensive global network of senior executives across the Life Sciences, Healthcare & I.T sectors we are able to increase your brand awareness, thought leadership and direct contact with key decision makers via face to face meetings, conference calls and series of bespoke events. .

Build a strong sales pipeline of qualified leads to take through the value chain and expand your current network of Key Opinion Leaders. Proventa International have an integrated business development platform to help identify and connect you directly with your prospect criteria prior to them engaging in an RFP process. Be proactive rather than reactive in your business development strategy.

A Business Development Insourcing/Outsourcing Case Study


A global CRO based in Europe offering Integrated Drug Discovery solutions needed to expand their global reach into the USA as the majority of their revenue and growth historically came from Europe.

They had limited manpower focusing on business development across the USA especially in the West Coast in comparison to some of their closest competitors offering similar solutions.

Due to the lack of business development manpower and outreach in the USA, potential clients were not seeing the true value of their thought leadership, bandwidth and expertise in the region.

Being able to engage with key decision makers being a barrier to entry due to existing contracts and relationships with similar providers who have greater manpower, marketing presence and brand recognition in the USA.

All senior management of the CRO were based in Europe who hold the deeper scientific and sales abilities to engage with potential clients from a strategic perspective.

As all existing clients are predominately based in Europe this left a lack of local advocacy and inadequate client referrals for potential clients to buy into their model located in the USA.



To increase the CROs brand awareness and thought leadership in the USA through multiple platforms including direct contact with key decision makers via face to face meetings, conference calls with senior management and holding a series bespoke events across the USA as a neutral ground to invite new prospects whereby the CRO could showcase their thought leadership to a wider audience.


To build a strong sales pipeline of qualified leads for the CRO to take through the value sale on a weekly/monthly basis.


To expand the CROs current network of Key Opinion Leaders within Medium-Large Pharma in USA.


To identify and connect directly with C-Level executives from Small and Emerging Biotechs prior to engaging in an RFP process to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.




Proventa International assigned 4 consultants for 6 months generating appointments for the CROs senior management to take through the value sale and close.


Outreach to Proventa Internationals network of over 2000+ Director and above level executives across the USA who either make the decision or making up part of the decision making process for outsourcing Integrated Drug Discovery.


Executing a USA roadshow of in-house bespoke events across Boston, New Jersey, San Francisco & San Diego for the CRO each attracting a minimum of 20 delegates within a 2 week execution period.


This allowed the CRO to have the main hubs in the USA understand their value proposition whilst also being able to engage directly with key stakeholders who had identified a clear need to invest in such solutions in the next 12 months


Proventa International saved the CRO associated costs of senior management continually flying to USA for individual 1-1 meetings as Proventa International gathered all interested parties to 4 separate locations saving time and money for both parties.


With over 80 qualified face to face engagements across 2 weeks, plus 6 months appointment setting for those who would like a more intimate conversation Proventa International provided a viable solution to the CROs current challenge.


The CRO was now relieved of the burden of non-core business development functions and recruitment in USA.


The CRO still maintained control of its core management of the sales process as Proventa International solely provided a pre-sales and qualified lead generation service.


The CRO was able to penetrate the USA without any capital expenditure investment, but with maximum flexibility able to adjust staffing and investments based on how strong of a sales pipeline needed to generate a tangible return on investment.



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