Business transformation or Business disruption: Evaluating your organization’s digital transformation upgrowth in IoT

September 6, 2018
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While there are longstanding competencies and know-how that are required for your business to succeed and achieve industry-leading financial performance, digital transformation requires advanced capabilities that your organizations need to achieve and establish mastery around.

The Internet of Things has arrived and it’s going to introduce inconceivable opportunity over the next five years. IoT is transforming how companies and consumers go about their days around the world. It is observed that the younger generation is a technology addicted and they confide in technology and its devices for every little thing. With the help of IoT, this addictions will become even more in our daily lives. There is no apps will be exempted from glitches and hitches. Exclusively trusting on IoT devices may create dismalfunctioning in case of not working it correctly or crash of an IoT infrastructure.

Capabilities on disruptive technologies, platform structures and business models, digital services mastery, and digital innovation are the crucial components that every organizations must acquire to quickly adapt in the fast-paced technology transformation in the business world. Digital transformation is evolving much faster than every organization can keep up. In fact, digital transformation is a great challenge in every organization as it accelerates business activities, processes, competencies and models that are dominating changes and opportunities of digital transformation in a strategic way. Digital transformation is business transformation as it affects all levels of the business core.

If your organization is in the digital transformation for a number of years now, looking through the progress, measuring upgrowth and benchmarking across your peers in the industry surely is a must. Well, how do you assess your upgrowth? What are your key fundamentals? What capabilities that are new from your business as usual? These are the key questions that must be clearly defined and understood as these will make you realize how important digital transformation is to being ahead from your competitors, be lean and efficient, keep your existing and acquire new customers by engaging with them across multiple channels as you modernize your organization.

On the 22nd of November at the 2nd DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY MEETING APAC 2018 in Manila, Thought Leaders from various industries like Francisco Castillo, Gavin Barfield, Joy Polloso, Dennis Crimen, Mark Bantigue, Jayan Dy will facilitate the much anticipated interactive roundtable discussions on reshaping, leveraging and enhancing business models, operational improvements and customer experience using digital strategy.

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By Paul Lorenz Yusingco