A Primer on Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance may seem like a mouthful, so here’s a walk through of what it is really all about. The term refers to the process of monitoring and improving the safety of medicines and therapies. This discipline can be categorized into four areas, namely, operations, surveillance, systems, and QPPV. For operations, those in the realm of […]


Together with Proventa International, Excelity Global Sheds Light on How To Drive a High Performance Culture

Talent is a serious concern for CXOs today. Failure to attract or retain the right talent is among the top 10 risks faced by organisations in Asia Pacific, according to Aon’s Global Risk Management Survey. At the same time, the market for life sciences and health care is global and competitive. So how do you […]


DDI will co-sponsor the second run of Proventa International’s HR Life Sciences & Healthcare Strategy Meeting Asia Pacific 2018

After the success of Proventa International’s first run of the HR Life Sciences and Healthcare Strategy Meeting last May 2017 in Malaysia, now comes the second run on a one-day strategy meeting in Singapore. Shaped by the company’s world-renowned Advisory Board is this year’s bigger and better HR Life Sciences and Healthcare Strategy Meeting APAC […]


Press Release: Proventa International Announces its First Bioinformatics Strategy Meeting APAC 2016 in Singapore

Singapore, July 19, 2016 – Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of science involving the integration of computers, software tools and databases to extract and analyze vast information stored in certain types of biological data. The Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing market amongst emerging countries for outsourcing research by Western pharmaceutical companies. In addition, […]