Getting the Right Kind of Talent: A Crossroad of Business and Talent Strategy

February 12, 2019
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HR Leaders Strategy Meeting

In the search for new great talents of an organization, recruitment professionals look for the person who best fits the qualifications of a job description. While it is normal to see a heavy competition among the job hopefuls, the rivalry not only hovers with the applicants but also between employers. Indeed, they want to onboard the top talent but these top talents could be anywhere but their organization. When looking for the right one, to what extent do recruiters lay their efforts?

There is a stirring battle in getting the best talent where in certain instances that happens on the web. Social media has been so far a great tool in reaching out to potential candidates as we commonly see job postings on these platforms to promote an open position in the organization. In the same way as digital marketing, employers’ need to maximize the benefits from social media through branding.

Social media is the place to go to when a potential employee eyes up a company. Since attracting and hiring candidates have turned into a complex strategy along with the increasing demand especially from best the candidates, the goal of employer branding is to send the ”right content to the right candidate at the right time”.

Top talents have the liberty to choose which company to work for. Whether they are seeking favorable company culture, competitive compensation and benefits, and or solid career advancement, learning about a company is as simple as a few clicks away. Employer branding must put the company’s reputation on the value the company gives to its employees. Talented people want to feel a sense of accomplishment in their job. Aside from the terrific perks they may receive from the company, they are also expecting to utilize their abilities and be able to provide a contribution to the organization.

Talent shortage indicates a serious challenge in the following years impacting the growth of the market. Talents, particularly the best ones, hold the responsibility of maintaining the competitive advantage of an organization. A company is built and grows through the people working for it as they are the most important resource for an organization. Recruitment professionals must bear in mind that their job is not only to fill the vacant job but place committed and driven individuals where the vulnerabilities are. After all, recruitment is done right when the best person is in the right job.

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Carrie Carbo
Research Analyst, Proventa International