How Analytics Figure into the Recruitment Process

July 2, 2018
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Human Resource professionals specifically tasked with talent acquisition and recruitment are familiar with this experience: meeting competent candidates, but who are not a good fit for this role at present, but are worth keeping on file for a possible future opportunity.

Using a recruiting software can help the HR department in keeping track of candidates. Using report and analytics, recruiters have the details and summary of each candidate. This may include where the candidate came from (job board or company website), and how long the process took from the moment of application to hiring.

With these information available, recruiters can assist hiring managers that are having trouble in looking for the right people, the time gap from the moment a position has been vacant to when it becomes filled, or the most urgent positions.

It is better for organizations to be effective in hiring, rather than hiring cheaply. The latter can be more costly in the long run, and detrimental to the company. Efficient hiring is a good investment, and would reap its rewards long after the actual process.