Human vs. Machine: A Match Up

July 12, 2018
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Remember the days when machines that are capable of thinking only exist in Science fiction? From the movies we watched and books we read, we could only fancy them purely limited to our imaginations. Well not anymore, since Artificial Intelligence is the rage with machine learning, leading the application of the buzzword.

As the term connotes, the computer or machine is actually learning to make decisions using Algorithms in analyzing input data. It sounds like magic but this phenomenon automates tasks to different industries such as Healthcare, Communication, and Finance.

But what if machines can already do decision-making without our help, are we still superior over them? While intelligence is natural in humans, it is acquired differently as a result of adapting a variety of cognitive processes. Machine Learning performs depending on the data given to it.

Now that deep learning is the next evolution of ML, machine based knowledge produces much accurate results. So what else separates human intelligence from machine intelligence? The ability to understand a context is one of the unique skills of humans which can be hardly made artificial.

Although machines are made to function the same as or even exceed the human brain, they are still far from putting the pieces together. Is Machine Learning replacing people on jobs? On certain areas, humans can be inferior to machines. Their speed is incomparable which can get millions of processes done in minutes and can function incessantly. ML computer systems can think and work like humans to perform mundane tasks while the decision-making and relationship building are left for us to do, thus, machine learning is redesigning jobs. Human intelligence is still required to make the results comprehensible, our role will be much valuable expanding the human capabilities to create new products and services.

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By Carrie Carbo
Research Analyst, Proventa International