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22nd May 2018 | Sofitel Munich, Germany


Providing a unique approach to business networking, Proventa International’s Oncology Strategy Meeting is not your typical oncology conference. Interactive and insightful, our format gives way for meaningful interactions with each director-level attendee. Our team screens all delegates so you can be sure that you only meet primary decision makers of large and emerging biotech and pharma companies in Germany and around the world.

On top of the networking opportunities you get from oncology summits, the Oncology Strategy Meeting also lets you explore oncology trends that matter to you like biomarkers, cancer genomics, clinical trials and more with experienced industry professionals. Unlike other oncology events, our executive roundtable discussions give each attendee the chance to contribute ideas and ask questions relevant to their organization.

Another key feature you can’t find in oncology conferences in Germany is our pre-qualified one-to-one business meetings. Schedule a session with a business leader, discuss strategic priorities and work together to come up with actionable solutions to help you achieve your short to long-term business goals. Want to get the latest technology on immuno-oncology? Let us know so we can arrange you with a subject matter expert!

Business leaders who will benefit from attending include CXOs, EVPs, SVPs, VPs, Executive Directors, Directors and Global Heads responsible for:

Oncology R&D

Oncology Clinical Biostatistics

Translational Research/Medicine

Oncology Clinical Genomics

Clinical Research/Development

Computational Biology


Oncology R&D Innovation

Medical Affairs Oncology

Oncology R&D Strategy

Clinical Pharmacology

Oncology Portfolio/Project Management

The Oncology Strategy Meeting Europe is happening on May 22, 2018 at Sofitel Munich in Germany. Download full agenda here.

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Fred Jacobs

Fred Jacobs

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

TYG Oncology


Geert Mudde

Chief Scientific Officer and Managing Director



Dominic Smethurst

Chief Medical Officer

Tusk Therapeutics

Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim

Senior Director, European Operations



Thierry Wurch

Director, External Research & Innovation in Immuno-oncology

SERVIER Research Institute

Salah-Eddin Al-Batran

Salah-Eddin Al-Batran

Medical Director

Institute of Clinical Cancer Research

Kenjie Hashimoto

Kenji Hashimoto

Associate Medical Director


Thomas Metcalfe

Thomas Metcalfe

Strategic Innovation Leader, Product Development


Jeffrey-Humphrey-1-270×260 (1)

Jeffrey Humphrey

President & Chief Medical Officer

Kwoya Kirin Pharmaceutical Development Inc.

Rakesh-Dixit1-270×260 (1)

Rakesh Dixit

Vice President Research & Development


Interactive Roundtable Discussions

Attendees can proactively share and ask questions to their peers about the success of their work in an informal setting.

one to one copy
Director level one-to-one meetings

We provide opportunities to engage with one another in our strategy meeting in a series of pre-arranged business meetings by interacting face to face.

Tailor-fit and Personalized Agenda

Being able to experience different sessions is what makes our event unique that’s why our attendees can personalize and select sessions they want to participate in.

netwkorking copy
Networking Opportunities

Several networking opportunities are in store for attendees to connect and build new relationships with their peers through luncheons, cocktails and informal introductions.

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If you are an exciting start-up trying to get your innovation in front global heads from the leading Pharmaceutical companies, or a mature market-leading conglomerate with legacy solutions trying to stay one step ahead of the competition – we are here to help!



Oncology Strategy Meeting Europe 2016 - Return On Investment, Hear what our clients had to say about their experience at the Oncology Strategy Meeting EU 2016

Oncology Strategy Meeting Europe 2016 - Roundtable Discussion Format?,  Hear what our clients had to say about their experience at the Oncology Strategy Meeting EU 2016

Oncology Strategy Meeting Europe 2016 - Level of Delegation, Hear what our clients had to say about their experience at the Oncology Strategy Meeting EU 2016

Oncology Strategy Meeting Europe 2016 - 1-1 Pre qualified Business Meetings, Hear what our clients had to say about their experience at the Oncology Strategy Meeting EU 2016

Samuel T. Labrie, VP Corporate Development, Myriad RBM

Kam Dhaliwal, SVP Services & Alliances, Horizon Discovery

Matt Hersch, Clinical Operations Manager, GW Pharmaceuticals

Rainer Metzger,  VP Global Business Development Pharma, Qiagen

Dilsaid Babayigit, Founder & CEO, Ageneo

John Apathy, Vice President, R&D informatics, Celgene

Lars Branden, Senor Director,Informatics R&D Division, Retro Screen Virology Ltd.

Dominic Clark , Industry Programme Manager, EMBL-EBI

Yike Guo, Director Data Science Institude, Imperial College London

John Wise, Executive Director, Pistoia Alliance

Abel Ureta-Vida, CEO, Eagle Genomics

Alexander Scheer, Deputy Head of Research, Pierre Fabre

Jerome Wojcik , CEO, Quartz Bio

Oleksandr Otava, Head Of Scientific IT, Affiris AG

Sowmyanarayan Srinivasan, Director R&D Practise, Global Delivery Leader Discovery

Yaron Turpaz

Chief Information Officer

Its nice because they basically allowed people to engaged to discussions and questions. Academic and industry is very nice and informative

Ivan John Clement

Data Scientist - R&D

Its good because you really get the people to talk. They are willing to share their knowledge, the juniors are very eager to learn.

Raghuraman Gopal

Manager Quality Assurance

The format is the beginning of breakthrough and integration, the level of delegates is very good and excellent, they learn a lot.

Dadabhai Singh

Founder & President

The kind of interaction is very interactive

Steve Rozen

Director & Professor

Because of diversity we really districts the points and all. People are very diversity and thoughtful in a round table.


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Fred Jacobs

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

TYG Oncology

In biotechnology since the 1990s, Fred started with Aphton Corporation. Aphton had its IPO and listed on the Nasdaq market, raised $230M in several rounds and pioneered gastrin hormone neutralization therapy and other hormone neutralization therapies. Close to success and capitalizing on that experience, Fred co-founded Astrimmune and TYG oncology to carry on the important work of companion diagnostics (CDx) and gastrin hormone neutralization therapeutics, respectively. Astrimmune promises new breakthroughs in cancer screening and TYG promises next generation,antigen-specific, active checkpoint immunotherapy for most major cancers. If successful, diagnosis and treatment of cancers will dramatically change in the 2020s.


Samson Fung

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Volvox Therapeutics


Geert Mudde

Chief Scientific Officer and Managing Director, OncoQR ML

Dr. Geert C. Mudde received a Ph.D. in immunology from the University of Utrecht in 1985 and started his international
professional career at the Swiss Institute for Asthma and Allergy Research in Davos in 1989. In 1992 he joined the
pharmaceutical/biotech industry, where he held several senior management positions at the Novartis Research Institute in
Vienna, Austria, the Parke Davis Research Institute in Fresnes, France, Ingenium Pharmaceuticals, Martinsried, Germany, and at
igeneon AG, Vienna, Austria. Finally, in 2006, while joining Baxter BioScience in Vienna as interim manager, Dr. Mudde co-
founded the biotech company f-star Biotechnology, where he served as “Chief Scientific Officer” from 2007 to 2009. In 2009,
together with Christof Langer, he started to develop the S-TIR™ technology platform for human specific therapeutic vaccines
which led to the foundation of S-TARget therapeutics GmbH in 2010. Since then he serves as CSO and managing director for S-
TARget therapeutics as well as for the S-TIR™ technology spin-off companies OncoQR ML GmbH and TYG oncology Ltd., which
were both founded in 2013.


Richard Sasche

Sr. Vice-President, Chief Scientific Officer/Chief Medical Officer & Managing Director, AEterna Zentaris


Dr. Sachse holds a degree in medicine and a board certification in Clinical Pharmacology. With more than 25 years experience as a physician and scientist, he as extensive expertise in a variety of different therapeutic areas. In addition to registration studies, he is especially experienced in the design and implementation of translational programs to bridge research programs to the clinic, as well as in the design and implementation of clinical pharmacology programs, enabling successful registration of products at the international level. He has broad general management experience with a focus on leading high performing organizations and change management.


Dominic Smethurst

Chief Medical Officer,

Tusk Therapeutics

Dominic Smethurst is Chief Medical Officer at Tusk Therapeutics. He joined Tusk from Icon Plc where he was Vice President, Head of Oncology. He is a Cambridge-trained physician with over 14 years’ international industry experience and has had an extensive leadership career as Medical Director/Chief Medical Officer with companies including AstraZeneca, Amgen and Adaptimmune/Immunocore and has been pivotally involved in the registration of late stage drugs and product launches as well as re-aligning pipelines and managing companies through significant inflexion points.


David Gillen

Vice President international Medical Affairs Vertex, Vertex Pharmaceuticals


Andrew Kim

Senior Director, European Operations, Ignyta


Andrew is a seasoned healthcare professional with US and European experience in both the biotech and healthcare finance sectors. He started his career at cKinsey & Co in Washington, DC advising Big Pharma clients on the implementation of Medicare Part D before joining Halozyme Therapeutics in San Diego, CA during its early growth phase including platform collaboration with Roche. Andrew re-located to Europe where he held healthcare investment anking and private equity roles in London before joining precision medicine biotech, IGNYTA. He holds SB and SM degrees in Chemical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from London Business School.


Thierry Wurch

Director, External Research & Innovation in Immuno-oncology, SERVIER Research Institute

Dr. Wurch completed a Ph.D in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University Louis Pasteur (Strasbourg, FR, 1992), followed by a post-doctoral training at the University of Ghent (BE). Back to France in 1994, he raised a molecular biology laboratory at the Pierre FABRE Research Center in Castres (FR). In 2003, he moved to the Centre d’Immunologie Pierre FABRE where he established a Molecular and Cellular Biology Department dedicated to molecular pharmacology and protein and antibody engineering. Since September 2011, he leads the immunotherapy discovery research programs at the Institut de Recherches Servier, the largest independent French Parma group. Since December 2016, Thierry is Director of the External Research and Innovation in Oncology at Servier.
He is currently member of the Editorial board of mAbs (Landes Bioscience) and Distinguished Advisor of The Antibody Society. He is co-author of more than 90 publications.
In 2013, Thierry Wurch, was ranked #33 amongst the Top 50 global antibody industry influencers.


Jeffrey Humphrey

President & Chief Medical Officer

Kwoya Kirin Pharmaceutical Development Inc.


Rakesh Dixit

Vice President

Research & Development, MedImmune


Dr. Dixit conducted extensive graduate and post-graduate training in Toxicology–Biochemistry with both Indian and US Institutions (Case Western Reserve University, Medical College of Ohio, University of Nebraska) and is board certified in Toxicology from the American Board of Toxicology, Inc. since 1992.  Rakesh served as a Senior Toxicologist with Midwest Research Institute between 1987 and 1992.

In December 1992, Rakesh joined the Department of Safety Assessment, Merck and Co., Inc, West Point, PA where he served in various management positions.  During his about 14 years with Merck, Rakesh contributed to the successful filings of many blockbuster drugs. For about a year, Rakesh was associated with Johnson and Johnson PRD, La Jolla/Alza as Senior Director of Toxicology.

In Aug 2006, Rakesh joined MedImmune, Inc. (an AstraZeneca Biologics company) as Senior Director (R &D) & Global Head of Biologics Safety Assessment, Experimental Pathology, and Laboratory Animal Medicine.  In his current position as a Vice President of R &D since 2010, Rakesh is responsible for providing guidance on research and of biological products; including nonclinical toxicology/safety support for all AstraZeneca-MedImmune biologics products, including monoclonal antibodies and vaccines.   Rakesh has published more than 60 papers in renowned international journals and has given over 100 invited lectures/presentations/workshops in national and international meetings.  Rakesh is one of the most invited speakers in the biotechnology industry.

Rakesh’s areas of expertise are mainly in the area of pharmaceuticals and biologics drug , safety assessment of small molecule drugs, biologics, vaccines and in exploring mechanisms of toxicity and biologics pharmacological activity.  Rakesh has helped to bring several blockbuster pharmaceuticals to the market while working at Merck. Rakesh a recognized expert in safety and pharmacology biomarkers and their applications..  Rakesh is the Editor-in- chief of Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods and Associate Editor for Toxicology Applied Pharmacology, and Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Rakesh was selected by his pharmaceutical peers as the 100 Most Inspiring People in Pharmaceutical Industry by PharmaVOICE in 2015. Rakesh also serves as an expert reviewer and in appointed committee for many programs managed by the prestigious U.S. National Academy of Sciences and US National Institutes of Health, including National Cancer Institute.

Kenjie Hashimoto

Kenji Hashimoto,

Associate Medical Director,


Kenji Hashimoto, MD, DPhil is a pharmaceutical physician and board-certified medical oncologist. He experiences pre-clinical to late phase clinical trials in immuno-oncology. His main interest is to identify and utilize biomarkers in clinical trials. He published more than 20 peer-reviewed articles as a first author and serves as a reviewer for some international peer-reviewed journals. He is currently Associate Clinical Director at Roche. He was clinical research physician at Chugai Pharma Europe dedicated mainly to early phase immuno-oncology clinical trial prior to Roche. He obtained his DPhil at Oxford University prior to joining pharmaceutical industry

Victor Levistsky

Victor Levitsky
Vice President, Oncology Research

Molecular Partners AG

Cristina Stefan

Cristina Stefan

Global Clinical Leader, Oncology, Diagnostics, Innovation


Thomas Metcalfe

Thomas Metcalfe,

Strategic Innovation Leader, Product Development,



Tom Metcalfe has been a Strategic Innovation Leader in Roche Pharma’s PD Strategic Innovation group since March 2015. His focus within the group is on Digital Biomarkers and Innovative Development Pathways. He rejoined Roche from Oncotest GmbH where he was Managing Director.


Before this Tom spent 7 years working for Roche Pharma as Global Head of the Biomarker Program (2004 -7) and Head of the PHC Portfolio (2007 -10). He also spent 10 years working for Roche Diagnostics in a variety of marketing and business development roles.


Between 2009 and 2011 Tom was chair of the EBE Task Force on Personalised Medicines and currently serves as Roche’s delegate to EFPIA’s Innovation Committee.


Tom studied Biochemistry at King's College, London University and has an MBA from the Open University, UK.


salah-eddin al-batran – Oncology europe

Salah-Eddin Al-Batran

Medical Director

Institute of Clinical Cancer Research

Prof. Salah-Eddin Al-Batran, is a medical oncologist and professor for medicine at Goethe-University in Frankfurt/M. He is task force director for phase I/IIa studies at the University Cancer Center Frankfurt (UCT), director and founder of the Institute of Clinical Cancer Research (IKF) and the IKF Clinical Cancer Research GmbH (academic CRO). His research has been focused on GI cancer and on the development of new multimodal therapy approaches and clinical trial networks.