Proventa breaks down a number of established norms in doing business

October 22, 2018
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Leo Rodrigo Empuerto, co-founder of Proventa

Looking to expand and/or develop your own business? In industries mired in competition or subject to mercurial changes and high customer expectations, doing so is not as easy as it seems. From coming up with strategic business plans to dealing with market challenges—things could often get rough and sometimes unpredictable. Leo Rodrigo Empuerto and Louis Smikle saw these challenges and created Proventa in June 2013 in the United Kingdom to assist business entities.

Like most companies based on ideas, Proventa was born when Empuerto and Smikle saw an unanswered “need.” Their first-hand experience of unsatisfactory customer service during a meeting at a London-based company brought to them the idea that there could be a better way to up the game of business entities, but not in the usual way people have done it in the past.

Proventa disrupted the norms in the way people traditionally do business. Armed with their business degrees and managerial experience, the co-founders pioneered organizing events devoid of uptight formality one usually finds in such gatherings. Noteworthy is their success in gathering executives, industry leaders and some of the biggest names themselves together to pitch their products and services to potential partners and prospects without being outrightly rejected and branded based on their established names.

Proventa also takes pride in being a pioneer in the industry. They envision themselves as agents in connecting and engaging a wider circle of leaders from various sectors, while also being facilitators in creating tangible solutions to key issues challenging their clients.

The company started out by inviting industry leaders as facilitators, sponsors, or delegates to strategy meetings, dinners and innovation spotlight pitches. Apart from that, they also offered consultancy, business intelligence services, webinars, and trainings to pharmaceutical and biotechnological firms who have clear visions and are seeking to meet their own goals.

Although Proventa launched by catering mainly to pharmaceutical and biotechnological firms, the company is now expanding to other industries like human resource and information technology, and is slated to reach out to the financial and environmental sectors in the near future. In light of this expansion, every meeting or event now has tracks from which delegates can choose to participate in.

They, in fact, have an upcoming Digital Transformation Strategy Meeting slated to happen on November 22 at the Marriott Hotel Manila. The meeting will feature noteworthy facilitators and various meeting formats such as “Cocktails and Conversation,” wherein participants get an opportunity to expand their network.

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By Aubreylaine Salazar

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