Proventa International Manila shares love on V-Day with elders

February 21, 2019
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Proventa International Helping Hand

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (15 February 2019) — This is how we spend the month of LOVE.

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”

The young and dynamic team of Proventa International Manila spends Valentine’s with the lolos and lolas of Hospicio de San Jose. The initiative is under ‘The Big Leap’ — a year-long series of activities that aim to build internal and external relationships with key stakeholders while making positive impact on the business community.

Hospicio de San José is a Roman Catholic welfare institution in Manila, Philippines. It is the first social welfare agency in the country. As a foster care institution, it has been a home for orphans, the abandoned, people with special needs, and the elderly.

It was a day filled with activities, gift-giving, and heartwarming messages. Different teams showcased their talent through song and dance numbers that truly entertained the elderly.

Games were also prepared for both employees and seniors — the part that was enjoyed best by all. Elders were quick to catch on the game mechanics, and were competitive even if it meant they had to stand a little longer than their usual routines.

Proventa International Dance

“It was delightful to share our time and talent with the people who have walked the path before us,” said Angelique Oliver, Content Manager for U.S. “It humbles us to never forget where we came from and appreciate the energy that we enjoy.”

Proventians deeply understand how important time and vigor are, and want to continuously spend them by making remarkable impact inside the organization as well as with external stakeholders.

“We are extremely happy to spend this day with our lolos and lolas here [at Hospicio],” said Leo Rodrigo Empuerto, Proventa International Managing Director and Co-Founder. “Since this is a year-long effort, I am excited for more meaningful activities like this for the whole team and the rippling impact that it’ll make.”

The staff and elders at Hospicio de San Jose, in return, expressed their gratitude to the whole team and to others who don’t forget them especially on days like Valentine’s. One of the lolos said in a parting statement, “Even in my old age, I still believe that love is forever and it is meant to be shared.”

Proventa International Family

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