Proventa’s Weekly Round-up – 27/9/19

September 27, 2019
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This last week saw a mixed bag for pharma companies around the world, with exciting new AI news and several big clinical successes marred by large-scale recalls and brewing political trouble in the UK that for once has nothing to do with the B word.

LABOUR’S DRUG PRICE PLANS – Following the UK Labour Party’s pledge to tackle rising prices that “deny life-saving… medicines to ill patients”, industry representatives hit back hard. The ABPI suggested that compulsory licensing…is not the answer”, undermining the development of new medicines, while CEO of the BioIndustry Association suggested Labour’s plans would stop investment to UK SMEs developing new treatments for patients with limited options.

AI DRUG DISCOVERY FIRST – AI organisation Deep Genomics has announced its AI platform has become the first to identify and confirm a number of genetic variants causing Wilson’s disease, and determined a possible drug candidate to cure it. The candidate, DG12P1, will now be developed by the company.

ZANTAC RECALLED OVER CANCER SCARE – Heartburn drug Zantac, otherwise known as ranitidine, is being pulled worldwide by a number of pharma companies including GSK and Dr Reddy’s after a carcinogenic impurity was identified. The FDA first warned pharma of the scare in mid-September, but has said that not all ranitidine medicines across the US are being recalled, and that people should not necessarily stop taking their ranitidine drugs at this point.

In other news from around the world:


Takeda and Evotec announce $850 million R&D partnership

Clinical Trials

J&J receive regulatory okay for the third first-line Darzalex combo in US

Immunicum receives positive kidney cancer readout in cell therapy trials


ESMO study finds new cancer drugs add little benefit and cost more

Labour Party wants UK to build own pharma manufacturing sector

That’s all for this week. See you next Friday.

Joshua Neil

Editor, Proventa International