Devyn Smith

3 years ago By Yvie
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Session – When & how to go from fresh to cryo products and supply chain strategies associated Devyn joined Sigilon Therapeutics in early 2017 as Chief Operating Officer and Head of Strategy. In this role, he has helped build the company to over 100 colleagues.  Operational achievements include building out the CMC group and initiating GMP manufacturing of our lead program, building the quality systems and group to oversee the portfolio, keeping the portfolio moving through successful project management and portfolio oversight.  In addition, he has led the build out of the corporate strategy, portfolio strategy and other key strategy elements.   Devyn joined Pfizer’s Medicinal Sciences Division of R&D as Head of Business Operations & Strategy in 2016 overseeing both day to day business operations of the division, as well insuring implementable strategies are developed.  Medicinal Sciences encompasses the groups focused on discovery, formulation, and early manufacturing of the large molecule, small molecule, cell and gene therapy programs in Pfizer R&D. Prior to this Devyn was Head of Strategy for the Pharmatherapeutics Division of Pfizer R&D focused on developing and implementing core strategies in Winning by Design in Small Molecules as well as optimizing the ROI on novel technology inventions.  Prior to this, Devyn was part of Pfizer’s Neusentis Research Unit in the UK as Chief Operating Officer responsible for strategy, operations and implementing key strategies. In addition, he supported the Pharmatherapeutics Global Clinical Research Organization as the Chief Operating Officer. He joined Pfizer’s Strategic Management Group in August 2009.    Prior to joining Pfizer, Devyn was a principal for The Frankel Group (a boutique management consulting firm in New York City and Cambridge).  In his consulting experience, Devyn led a wide range of projects, across multiple therapeutic areas and a host of technology platforms, including basic R&D tools, regenerative medicine, gene therapy, and macromolecules/biologic products. Client relationships have ranged from large pharma to small biotech companies. Regenerative Medicine has been an area of strong focus with over 30 engagements, several published papers, and numerous invited conference presentations. Prior to joining The Frankel Group, Devyn worked as a management consultant at Adventis Corporation focused on clients in information intensive companies.   Devyn received his Ph.D. in Genetics from Harvard Medical School where his research culminated in 12 publications in leading journals such as Cell, Nature, and Development.  He also holds an MS in Biology from Idaho State University and a BS in Zoology from Brigham Young University.

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