Paul Peter Tak

Paul Peter Tak 3 years ago By Amber Wareing
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‘Scientific progress is generating myriad opportunities for ground-breaking medicines and therapies, and it is my belief that industry has to pioneer new approaches to drug discovery and development to bring these therapies to patients. This ambition to challenge the status quo sits at the very heart of my approach to both science and leadership. Whether it’s engineering new models of collaboration with academia (e.g. GSK’s Immunology Network), simplifying processes and ways of working (to reduce PII cycle times by c.50% at GSK), or sponsoring disruptive technologies and business models (e.g. in the Flagship Pioneering biotech Kintai Therapeutics that invented Precision Enteric Medicines), I aim to bring creative, energising and empowering leadership to all that I do. In my own career, I’ve been at my best when I’ve had the freedom to think and explore, be stimulated by others’ points of view and able to challenge received wisdom. These are the principles that guide my approach to leadership and that help me to unite teams around ideas and drive outstanding performance. I also believe these principles build a collaborative and inspiring culture that is able to realize the many opportunities ahead of us.

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