PJ Moloney

3 years ago By Amber Wareing
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His experience is in the chemical analysis and life sciences industries and has seen PJ excel in both multinationals and his own respective companies. PJ has excelled as a globally recognized subject matter expert in the areas of drug discovery and development. Notable achievements throughout his career both nationally and internationally include been awarded the following. (Life Sciences – Top 50 CEO’s; Young Leader of the Year – Irish Laboratory Awards, Outstanding Small Business in Ireland). PJ has won public and private tenders for fields of science in drugs of abuse testing; food adulteration; biopharmaceutical characterization and immunosuppressant. As CEO of both EireChrom & P4ML, I’ve gained vast experience in operating a business both on a national and international level. Over the last 8 years, I’ve gained invaluable experience and expertise in operating a lean company operation, and indeed believe my Global network of Academic partnerships and Semi State relationship’s has been pivotal to the growth of both respective companies. I’m a great believer of tackling the difficult situations head on, and not let any company situations fester, as it can have a dramatic impact on the organizations culture and bottom line growth projections.

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