Qinghai Zhao

Qinghai Zhao CMC Chemistry Manufacting Controls Forty Seven 3 years ago By Yvie
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Session – Early stage CMC development strategy to speed IND Qinghai Zhao, PhD VP Technical Development & Manufacturing Qinghai has over 25 years of experience in biological CMC development and manufacturing and is the company’s Vice President of Technical Development and Manufacturing. Prior to Forty Seven, he was Vice President of CMC/Manufacturing at AnaptysBio. Prior to that, he held various CMC leader positions including Head of CMC at NGM Biopharmaceuticals, Director of CMC Management at Teva Biologicals USA and Associate Director of Process Development at Cogenesys. Qinghai has extensive knowledge of all biological CMC functions with executive experience of developing CMC strategy from early stage to late-stage for commercialization. Prior to Cogenesys, he was a Sr. Scientist of Lead Development at Human Genome Sciences and a Research Fellow at National Institute of Health and Georgetown University Lombardi Cancer Center. Qinghai received his PhD for Biomedical Research at Uppsala University, Sweden.

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