Study shows daily fasting effective for weight loss

June 21, 2018
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If your efforts in weight loss have been in vain, this news raises hopes for improvements.

University of Illinois in Chicago researchers published their findings in the Nutrition and Healthy Aging journal.

Researchers worked with 23 obese subjects with an average age of 45, and a BMI of 35. From 10 am to 6 pm, the participants can eat any kind of food and quantity they want. For the other 16 hours, they could only drink water or calorie-free beverages. The study was conducted over the course of 12 weeks.

It was found that those who followed this diet consumed less calories, lost weight, and showed improvement in their blood pressure.

For the purpose of metrics, they consumed around 350 fewer calories and lost about 3 percent of their previous body weight. Other measures like insulin resistance and cholesterol were similar to the control group.

Moreover, fewer participants dropped out of this study compared to other volunteers in other fasting diets.

This diet offers an alternative to individuals who have great difficulty sticking to a strict regimen over a period of time. According to nutrition professor Krista Varady, people need to find what works for them when it comes to weight loss.

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