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Proventa International is a management consulting company, specialising in life sciences business development services, with a truly global reach.

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We’re committed to delivering long-term value across our extensive life science network. Through our carefully crafted meetings, collaborative experiences and services Proventa International can offer you the perfect opportunity to meet your business goals, whatever they may be.

Whether you’re seeking answers to the industry’s biggest challenges, investing in new innovations or hoping to identify your next key partnership – Proventa International can help you get there.

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Drug Discovery

Our events and services provide the ideal opportunity for pharmaceuticals, biotech and service providers to take the next step in the drug development process.

Strategy Meetings
Distinctive events

Strategy Meetings

Intimate format events where senior leadership discuss the biggest challenges facing the industry.

Making connections


Helping launch the next generation of life-changing medicines. Meet the investors hoping to make a difference.

Business development


Meet those hard to reach clients, no matter where they are. Personalised services in every corner of the globe.

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PharmaFeatures provides thought-leading interviews, industry reports and innovative daily content on the newest trends and breaking news across life sciences. In addition to clients within the pharmaceutical space, PharmaFeatures tailors to readers in biotechnology, clinical research, bioinformatics and more.

Pharma Investment Roundup 21-Jan-2022 21st Jan 2022 21st Jan 2022
Daily News

Pharma Investment Roundup 21-Jan-2022

The most interesting investment moves in pharma for the week leading up to 21 Jan 22 – with including plays in oncology and AI.

The role of ctDNA in Precision Oncology and Diagnostics 20th Jan 2022 20th Jan 2022

The role of ctDNA in Precision Oncology and Diagnostics

ctDNA has the potential to accelerate cancer diagnostics and improve data gathering patient selection and treatment monitoring across oncology.

Enhancing Patient Engagement with DCTs 19th Jan 2022 19th Jan 2022
AI & Technology

Enhancing Patient Engagement with DCTs

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) promise to improve patient engagement in the clinical development world – we examine how.

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