Branden Lee

2 years ago By Yvie
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Session – It is not enough to have the best chemistry – working well with upstream and downstream partners makes for seamless collaboration. Branden Lee started his career as a medicinal chemist with companies like Pfizer, Celgene, and couple of start-up biotech.  After working a string of high profile therapeutic targets, a few entered the clinic.  In his words, drug discovery is an indescribable thrill of building up the SAR, clearing the tox hurdles, and declaring the drug candidates.  More recently, he has taken up project management and CMC responsibilities working with CRO.  Throughout his experiences, he finds that high quality work, and on-time delivery are the two most important deliverables.  While projects may be shelved for a variety of reasons, waking up every day and doing the best he can on the two area he can control is why he enjoys his work

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