Sheng Cui

Cui Sheng CMC Chemistry Manufacturing Controls Boston Pharmaceuticals 3 years ago By Yvie
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Session – Selecting the right route to ensure fast development and scale-up across all the project phases and supporting the API projects requirements Cui Sheng is a CMC pharmaceutical development leader with extensive experience in advancing synthetic drug candidates from discovery to commercialization with major contribution/leadership roles on numerous IND, INDa, NDA and major post-approval variations for Boston Pharmaceuticals. Cui Sheng has a proven track record of driving innovation while balancing strategic development considerations to align innovation with business objectives and maximize the value of innovation. With demonstrated success in partnering with CROs and CMOs for process development, innovation, supply and continuous improvement. Cui Sheng received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Nankai University and his PhD in Chemistry from Case Western Reserve University. Notably, Cui Sheng has 19 publications in the CMC sector as well as 5 patents.

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