Lisa Kelsey

2 years ago By Yvie

Session – Regulatory Partnerships on Human Factor/BLA/NDA Labeling Lisa M. Kelsey, M.A, LMFT is the Head, Commercial Labeling, Associate Group Director at Genentech.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, May 1997 at San Francisco State University, and her Master of Arts in Psychology, May 2001 from College of Notre Dame in Belmont.  She became licensed as a Marital Family Therapist, May 2011 and has a thriving private practice in Burlingame, California. She has 20 years regulatory experience and became Head of Commercial Labeling group in 2015.  Her group consists of 9 hard working, dedicated members that she manages directly.  In her role she enjoys collaboration, coaching, and partnering with her team to grow, learn, lead and broaden their visibility throughout the organization. The team focuses on the commercial printed labeling for product launches, human factor studies and maintenance of labeling changes for the full US portfolio.  She prides herself in both careers and helping patients and clients on a daily basis.

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