Theodore Martinot

Theodore Martinot CMC Chemistry Manufacturing Control Infinity Pharmaceuticals 3 years ago By Yvie
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Session – Maximising the value and impact of a technology transfer package by facilitating the interplay between data, its integration into the knowledge base, decision making based on said knowledge based and ensuring data integrity Theodore Martinot is a scientific innovator, skilled problem-solver, synthetic organic chemist, and CMC professional from Infinity Pharmaceutical. Demonstrated success in methodology development, total synthesis of natural products and complex pharmaceutical targets. Theodore Martinot has fostered direct interaction with regulatory agencies and authored multiple regulatory filings, from IND to NDA | Leader in Quality by Design (QbD) by implementing a Design of Experiments (DoE) approach to projects in all stages of development. He is an innovator for the Laboratory of the Future (LotF) through the deliberate application of automation and data capture, driving efficiency improvements and progress via knowledge infrastructure (Lab Equipment Integration, Data-Rich Experimentation, etc.). Theodore Martinot received his Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry and PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Florida.  

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