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Benchling Dinner – 24th May

Benchling Strategy Dinner

Paving the way for an optimal R&D digital transformation strategy


Meet the Facilitators

The Dinner will be lead by our expert facilitators

Loren Perelman

Head of Enterprise Professional Services Benchling

Kris Friday

Head of Scientific Solutions Consulting, Enterprise Benchling

More about Benchling

Benchling centralizes, standardizes, and governs data at scale, improves collaboration, and provides insights—all on a trusted and open platform that’s built to scale, maximize security, compliance, and connectivity. Built for complex science with a focus on biology, Benchling’s R&D Cloud accelerates the full R&D lifecycle with an easy-to-use platform consisting of three software layers: data, collaboration, and insights. With better data quality, improved throughput, and faster adoption of scientific technologies, the world’s most innovative biotech organizations and nearly half of the largest biopharma companies trust Benchling to power the development of breakthrough products and accelerate time to milestone and market.

Further Information

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