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Artificial Intelligence: How Can Clinical Systems Be More Effective, Improve Accuracy and Reduce Risk?

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Life science is under pressure to demonstrate Value from the rich Variability, the growing Velocity, the increasing Variety, and the sheer Volume of data while ensuring the integrity of this data for compliance requirements of today’s modern clinical trial. The demand to improve business throughput with the required regulatory and technology rigor is driving innovation in data science. This roundtable includes a bi-directional discussion addressing new opportunities and challenges born from frontier technologies for clinical research, notably artificial intelligence. We will discuss how AI provides data and multi-disciplinary tools to create responsible, trustworthy intelligence that improves patient and business outcomes.

Meet the Panelists

The virtual boardroom will be lead by our expert panelists

Wendy Morahan

Senior Director, Clinical Data Analytics IQVIA Technologies

Gary Shorter

Head of Research and Development of AI into Products IQVIA Technologies

More about IQVIA Technologies:

IQVIA’s Clinical Data Analytics Suite (CDAS) empowers life science organizations to harmonize complex and disconnected data and use AI/ML to draw smarter insights that improve clinical research outcomes for patients, sites, and sponsors. This cloud-based, modular platform anchors the clinical trial lifecycle by ingesting and standardizing previously disconnected research data for inquiry in a single, scalable repository. Customers derive actionable insights using analytics tools including biostatistics, rich visualizations, and reporting with pre-built KRIs and KPIs. Learn more about CDAS and other IQVIA technologies’ solutions and expertise at iqvia.com/oct

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