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Preventing quality findings using an RBQM system

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We invite you to contribute your expertise to an exclusive boardroom discussion about clinical trial payments.

Meet Our Facilitator

Gayle Hamilton

Director, RBQM, Digital Trial Management Suite IQVIA Technologies

Adrian Kizewski

Associate Director RBQM Technology IQVIA

Sathya Ramnath

Product Lead, RBQM Technology IQVIA Technologies

Rachael Geedey

Associate Director RBQM Technology IQVIA Technologies

More about IQVIA Technologies

IQVIA Technologies develops purpose-built solutions on a future-state architecture to transform decision making across the entire life sciences product lifecycle. We deliver innovation for trial design and conduct, site engagement, and drug supply management through our market-leading, cloud-based products and tech-enabled services. Our technologies orchestrate clinical trials with rich data sources, seamless connectivity, and intuitive design to drive smarter, faster trials for sponsors, sites, and patients.

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