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New possibilities for the PAT environment on Bio-Production processes


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Be amongst 10-15 Industry & Research leaders from large Biopharmaceutical Institutions ensuring you are given ample opportunity to raise questions and contribute to the Roundtable topics from a strategic & business perspective; Wine, dine and network with your peers who face common challenges in 60-minute roundtable discussions that enable you to share ideas and lessons learned from a PAT perspective; Facilitated by expert moderators, the two roundtable sessions provide a platform for a dialogue with peers on your current PAT challenges and new technological options; No media, marketing or press, just pure and honest discussion to help solve your key business & technical challenges for the next 3-9 months.

Meet the Facilitators

The Dinner will be lead by our expert facilitators

Maurizio Cattaneo

Founder and CEO Artemis Biosystem

Jean-François Hamel

Chemical Engineering Department MIT

More about Hamilton

Hamilton offers measuring solutions for a complete measurement loop, including sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, viable and total cell density, and ORP. Our products are characterized by proven quality and outstanding performance, backed by over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise in innovative design

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